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Places of interest

Places of interest

A short run around the Town

1. Long Son Pagoda built in commemoration of the monks and nuns who died whilst fighting the Diem Government.

2. Chong Rocks Legendary as the most spectacular and naturally built scene throughout the country.

3. Cham Ponagar Towers – An outstanding example of Cham architecture, situated on Mount Cu Lao, this hillside location offers panoramic views of the surrounding bay and countryside.

4. Oceanographic Institute – The pride of the province as it is boasts the most colorful and selective collection of the abundance of sea life in the Asian Seas.

5. Khanh Hoa Museum “ The store of history” as it named, all historic remains are kept and displayed here for visitors to have the whole view on the mild people and their heroic struggles for peace and independence through all wars with pictures and artifacts.

6. Yersin’s Laboratory – The Swiss doctor had many successful and great contributions to the World’s Scientific Field, as well as, to this small Town. He considered it as his second home with more than half of his life closely bound to it, lived and died for it.

7. Yersin’s Tomb – In Suoi Dau Commune (25 Kms Southward from Town).

8. Cam Ranh Bay – 60 Kms Southward from Nha Trang, there, people can find the trains of the Wars remained with Army Camp. Military Airport. Apart from these tourist points, it has a very potential natural resource with white sand to export and the Port, which is supposed to be one of the Would-be International Exchange Gate within the country.

9. Ba Ho Spring (Three Lakes Spring) – The confluence of 3 lakes with wonderful surroundings for you to enjoy. (30 Kms Northward).

10. Doc Lech Beach (Let Slope) 60 kms Northward from the Town, with the shallow Beach and white sand.

11. Dai Lanh Beach – A beautiful long curved Beach with white sand and a straight range of pine trees around. It is located 80 kms northward.

12. Da Giang Stream – The stream with stones of all kinds scattering lazily over with the extremely spectacular scene of the forest hill around. It is the blended combination of nature to form a majestic picture for sightseeing. (30 kms Southward).

13. Trai Thuy Hill – where people can find the feeling of calmness in the green color of the trees and have a bird eye’s view of the surroundings of the Town with such a height.

14. Dien Khanh Citadel – One of the historic remains from the Nguyen’s Dynasty till the war against America. Firmly standing at the South gate to protect the Town from violation. It is the live evidence of the successful fight for peace and happiness of the people.

15. Dam Market Taking a look at the busiest place to learn the normal life of the local people.

Water Adventures

17. Tri Nguyen Aquarium – Fresh-caught seafood and feed fish in the lake or step into the Water-God’s palace.

18. Bai Tru (Tru Beach) – Perfect place for swimming with white sand and clear water.

19. Hon Mun (Mun Island) – The best water for diving. Still a new island, so while diving, guests can have a chance to view the colorful corals, fish of all size and other sea lives.

20. Hon Tam (Tam Island) Wonderful beach for guests to play sports, as well as, take a dip in the fresh blue water of Nha Trang Bay.

21. Con Se Tre Restaurant – Where guests will stop over for a break at lunch time, apart from the fresh delicious seafood, guests can take advantage to view the city from such a distance and enjoy your time with in a traditional atmosphere.

22. Mini Beach – As the name itself says, a mini white and smooth sand beach located in the backside of the Mieu Island.

23. Whale Islands (Hon Ong) - where you can enjoy the most tranquil and clearest water of Nha Trang Bay with wonderful Scuba Diving tour.

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